Burgundy and Brogues

As the title suggests, burgundy and brogues have been an obsession of mine as of late.When I’m looking for new flats, my eyes cancel out all ballet flats and oxfords and go straight for the classic brogues.  When I think I need a new top for the office, I search for the burgundy-toned ones, and check them out first. I don’t know if this obsession will fizzle out and when, or if it’s here to stay. Frankly, I give zero f***s,  I love it now and I’ll enjoy this ride for as long as it lasts. Wow #Hugot. HAHAHA

P1040170 (4)Anyway, I think this obsession has to do with the fact that brogues are so effortlessly chic, functional, versatile and most importantly, comfortable. I really think they deserve more attention. I love how I can wear it to the office or to a night out. As for burgundy, it’s a real classy color in my opinion. It also helps that the color suits my complexion. I like this color so much now that I don’t care if it’s too matchy-matchy to wear burgundy lippies with this outfit.

Anyway, since summer started, the crazy heat of the outdoors in contrast to the ridiculously low temperature when I get inside the office has posed a dilemma for me. Thank God for this ribbed sleeveless . It’s airy enough  so I don’t collapse in the heat outside. The turtleneck + the blazer, thankfully, does a decent job of keeping me warm once I’m in the building.

P1040185 (4)_1_1I wore this outfit to the office last last week (back-log much). I like giving twists to the usual office-wear. It’s like a daily mini-challenge I give to myself. My outfits are usually a balance of blending in and standing out.  I don’t like blending into the background, but I also don’t like standing out too much.

So, what I do usually, I put together a classic combo, may it be blouse+pencil skirt, tee+jeans, but I make sure there’s something in the design of the shirt/skirt, tee/jeans or the shoes and accessories that you don’t usually see on other people. It could be that  the blouse is in a stylish architectural cut, or the jeans are floral, or you wear brogues in a sea of ballet flats or oxfords (as I did in this outfit). That’s usually my dressing formula.

P1040175 (4)Hence, I paired the blacks of the skirt and the blazer with the burgundy sleeveless to give this look an edgy twist. The ribbed texture also gave it a casual vibe that goes with the brogues.  Not to pat my own back (although, that is good and needed from time to time haha), I really like the energy of this look. It’s laid-back edgy on a corporate attire.

BTW, I haggled this top in Greenhills for Php 400 from the origial 500 (if I remember correctly). I was pretty proud of my haggling skills. That is until a friend told me you can actually still go lower than that. HAHA, I obviously need more work on my haggling. So sisters, if you’re ever in Greenhills, don’t be afraid to push that price lower. I heard that the stalls in  Greenhills price their merch by doubling the amount they got it for, like if they bought it for 200 they sell it for 400 or even more. So if you’re ever shopping there, try lowering the price by a hundred to 150 and really be persistent.  Just remember; when haggling, persistence is key 😉

Miss Thrift,  managed!



Summer Dressing

If you ask me, summer is the best excuse to wear a dress (not that one really needs an excuse, haha). With the heat and the general lazy vibes, it’s like dresses were made especially for this season. And what spells out summer more than a floral maxi-dress?  It’s easy and, well, breezy! HAHA.


I particularly love this thrifted dress I just got. The material is in excellent condition, and  was so light that I felt like I was wearing nothing. Perfect for the sweltering heat, really. Although I mentioned in my  previous post that wearing black in broad daylight especially during the summer will make you feel like you’re being baked alive- black being a conductor of heat, I think there might be exceptions. Case in point: Sleeveless! Talk about breezy.

Initially, I was skeptical about pairing this dress with that brown chunky sandals, but to be completely honest I was in a hurry, so I just put on the first thing that I saw. Don’t you you just love how you just throw in a dress and you’re already effortlessly fab? Anyway, I think the chunkies added a bit of a playfulness and whimsy to the outfit. That, or I’m just making excuses for not quite thinking this outfit through (Haha).

The shoes, although not thrifted, is still a win for me. Both style and prize-wise. If you follow me on IG, you’ll see how I’m almost always wearing SM Parisian shoes. I adore this brand. They have a wide array of super chic foot-wear that are way more affordable. Also a plus that they’re never far behind the trend. When I go shoe-shopping, I go straight to their displays. Maybe in the future, I’ll do a post on my favorite Parisians (cross fingers). I’ve always been rooting for them, and I’m really glad how they’ve expanded the brand and are now into bags as well. But, I’ll stop gushing about Parisian now-while I still can, before I go completely off topic.

Anyway,  the bag is thrifted.  In fact, I was gushing about it previously here. Anyone else, aside from me, feel like I gush way too much? Hahaha. Oh well. Back to the dress. I think maxi-dresses are very versatile. With the right foot wear and accessories, I think you can wear it anywhere.

Maximum appeal.


For example, pair it with lace-up sandals and layer those minted-stone pendants, or  just done a boho bib necklace and you’re ready for Coachella or Malasimbo. I mean, I know I’m deftotes nowhere near as fab as Kendall Jenner, but this is what I’m talking about. HAHA. Maxi dresses for the win!

That’s it for now, chicas!

Miss Thrift, Managed!

P.S. Photo from http://www.glamour.com/story/kendall-jenner-coachella-festival-style

Hot Cold Shoulders

Hola, blogosphere!  Summer has officially started on this part of the planet, and my golly, is it hot! No wonder the off-shoulder trend is equally as hot right now in the Philippines. It’s a super stylish way to stay cool in the heat, right?

imageI admit though that wearing this black number in the mid-day was a BAD call. I swear, I was practically being roasted. Pro-tip: During summer, leave your black clothes indoor till the evening. Apparently, the color black is a conductor of heat. Hence, wearing it in broad daylight will leave you feeling like you’re sitting beside a full-size industrial oven. Trust me, I know what that ind of heat feels like. We have an industrial-oven back home.

Oh well, let bygones be bygones. The mistake was already made. I guess this particular post deserves the #TiisGanda stamp. HAHAHA. To my defense though, I did not anticipate the heat to be that intense. Swear. Anyway the off-shoulder cut helped ease the heat a bit, at least.

I’ve never been much into trends, really. I suppose it comes with being a thrift-shopper. After all, one can rarely find trendy items -while they are actually trending, in a thrift-shop.  Lucky me, I found this PHP 150 black off-shoulder way before the trend exploded. So, I thought, what better time to wear it, than now?

imageFor this look, I decided to pair the top with this navy blue slacks and lilac pumps. I died when I found that pump in a thrift-stall in Tacloban last year. PhP80 and in pristine condition. The color is just lovely, isn’t it? No scratches, the heel isn’t worn or anything, and color isn’t faded at all. It was pretty clean too (but of course I sprayed good deal of Lysol inside the shoes just to be sure. LOL)

Oh, and by the way, everything was thrifted with exception of the slacks. You heard me right, the bag was thrifted too! I know, I couldn’t believe this find at first too. It’s in an immaculate condition, and super handy. I use it to work every day. It can carry my makeup purse, wallet, phone, camera… basically all my essentials. I am so in love with it I’m starting to worry about bringing it every day, because that would mean it might get worn out sooner.

JpegI’m not usually a fan of animal print anything to be honest, but this PHP 250 bag my Momma thrifted for me though is an exception.  Funny how preferences can change over time, huh.

Well, that’s it from me today,

Miss Thrift Managed!

PS: Tiis Ganda- a Filipino Expression. The first word “tiis” literally means “endure”. “Ganda” is “beauty”. Loosely, that would be me saying “I’ll endure the discomfort, because I think it looks good”. Admit you’ve had those moments too. We all want to be comfortable in what we’re wearing all time, but a little risk here and there-although can hurt, can also make for a good laugh later. I know, bad advice. This should have come with a caveat lector.LOL

The Black Tux: Neutral Ground

These last few days have been a lot of fun for me, writing and editing and all-basically piecing together this series. It’s been quite awhile since I last did this. I might have gone rusty as a result, so apologies. That said, doing this series has  been especially exciting for me.  A red carpet moment is every fashion girl’s dream after all. And although, I’m not actually going to a red carpet event, doing this little project makes me feel like I am, and that’s enough for me. Makes me wish it’s always awards season so I have a reason to continue this series.

Sadly though, as the hackneyed saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And also since I’m running out of dresses, this post will be the last one for the red carpet-inspired series.  We’ll come up with other serials soon for sure. But for now, enjoy this last installment.

retroright3 copy1.jpg

Long gowns usually dominate red carpet events, and we love that, don’t we? However, a short dress here and there is always a welcome sight. They’re a refreshing departure from the parade of trains and ball gowns, if you ask me. Hence, for the last part of this series, I chose this black and white A-line dress. What I adore about this dress is its 50s silhouette. It’s a little playful, and at the same time sexy. It’s bordering on simple, but it has enough flair to make you stand out. By the way, you can also add in a belt, if you want.  To be completely honest, I actually forgot about the accessories (Oopsie, bad blogger). But if I hadn’t, I would’ve put on something like the minimalist pieces below.


Disclaimer: Photographs of jewelry featured in this post do not belong to me. The links are posted below.  These pieces are going to my wishlist. I want them, because why not? HAHA. I mean, it’s minimum effort, maximum effect dibuh? They’re effortlessly chic. Moreover, they don’t clash with the patterns of the dress that I chose. In fact, I think they add an edgy feel to the look-to any look, for that matter. Also the gold matches the tone of the nude pumps in this ensemble.

Now, for my date, I’d like to dress him up in The Black Tux‘s Gray Suit as shown below:gray2.jpgAs mentioned in the previous post, The Black Tux is an ultra-chic and convenient tuxedo rental company. They have a wide variety of men’s formal wear . Anyway, I like this look because the neutral gray suit gives off this laid-back vibe that matches the dress’s. It’s still formal, only it’s less severe compared to the usual black suit. The description on the photo pretty much says it all. The gray suit allows more room for the guy to tweak the outfit according to his personal style, like  say, the choice of tie.


Well, there you go. I’m really liking what I see. Hopefully, you guys agree. Please agree. HAHAHA. Just kidding. You guys do your own thing however you want to do it. What’s important is that you feel good with what you’re wearing, right? Anyhow, I would love to hear some feedback from you guys. I’m usually just experimenting, playing around with pieces and all. I don’t typically follow trends or rules too. I dress according to my mood. If I’m comfortable in it and I feel good in it, then that’s it. So, if you have any comments about my outfits, I’d be happy to read and respond.

And oh, by the way. In the event someone you know needs a tux rental, just tell them to head on over to the Black Tux. Those guys will take care of you

Miss Thrift, managed!

(Collar Necklace by Alexis Bitar // Earrings from Pastiche Essential // Chevron Necklace by Minimal Jewels // Bar Earrings from Ali Express )

The Black Tux: Suspended and Tiered

The Oscars is fast approaching, and I’m sure you guys are as excited about it as I am. Remember how last year’s Oscars left ours jaws hanging in amazement? Well, I do. Hopefully, this year will be no different. Now, while we wait for that, here’s the continuation of my red-carpet inspired series.

Without much further ado, I present, the red Chinese lantern! I mean, awkward girl in red!


In all seriousness though, I wasn’t a fan of frills and ruffles before this tiered column dress. I thought frills and ruffles were too preschool-ish, so I generally  keep away from them. This dress was actually a gift, and I honestly didn’t think I’d ever wear it when I first laid eyes on it. But then, I had to try it on, right? Surprisingly, when I did, I liked what I saw in the mirror. I love how it gives off this sultry vibe without being too slutty. I also think the ruffles added an element of quirkiness and romance into it too. Funny how the little details can make a difference, huh? The red is already very bold, so I forewent accessories.

Now, to my date’s outfit. Before that though, can I just point out this guy’s hair? Totally, hair-game (including facial hair) on point! Haha. Anyway, of course I added a date into the equation-like the earlier post. It’s every fashion girl’s fantasy. Come on, admit it! Thus, this Rat Pack Outfit, courtesy of  The Black Tux .

tux3 (4)

If you haven’t checked out my previous post , I mentioned stumbling upon this really chic and convenient tux rental company. I looked at their tuxedo collection and I actually wished I was a guy, so I have an excuse to wear one of their tux.  With that  said, I picked this suit from their recent collection. I thought it matches the romance of my dress. I mean, is it just me, or is there really something romantic about suspenders? Right?  Especially in this outfit. I suppose it’s because the suit itself is reminiscent of the 60s and of Sinatra’s heart-melting serenades.


You know how I love contrasts, so forgive me for pointing out the sharp lines of the suit juxtaposed with the ruffled tiers of the dress. I think it’s beautiful. Don’t you? Yay! Contrast for the win! Okay, this pairing may not be your typical matchy-matchy, but both ensembles walk along the same romantic line.  I also think both are sexy in their own right.  P1030986 copy.jpg

Now, I know you can’t see it, but the shoes I was wearing with the dress is this lovely lilac pair. This pumps gave me just the right height for the dress. I am in love with this pair, and I just couldn’t help  but share it here. Guess how much I got it for? PHP 80 (USD 1.68). I know, deft-totes a thrifted gem. Did I mention they’re super comfortable? Thrifting win!

Well, that’s about it for today. This girl needs some shut-eye. Oh, before I go, you can shop the Rat Pack Outfit here: https://theblacktux.com/collection/outfits/rat-pack

Miss Thrift, managed!

The Black Tux: Red and Velvet

Awards season has officially kicked off, and like every fashion girl, I too have been on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the fabulous ensembles soon to grace the red carpet. The Grammy’s was just a warm-up, I’m pretty sure the Oscars will knock the ball out of the park (as per usual). I confess, I’ve been ogling at Harper’s Bazzar’s Grammys galleries these past few days. And I  gotta say, looking at those glamorous outfits really gets my creative juices flowing. Hence, I thought my next post should be about putting together my own take on red carpet glamour! Yay!

blog3 copya

You can imagine my excitement over this. It’s not everyday I get to pretend that I’m going to the Oscars! Oh okay, who am I kidding. Of course I play pretend about that all the time! Haha #SorryNotSorry. Anyway, when you fantasize about going to the red carpet, you don’t imagine yourself going alone, right? A girl’s gotta have a hot date! Ergo, I included what I would want my date to wear. It goes without saying then that our outfits has to be complementary.  For that, I got together with The Black Tux for my date’s suit.

Untitled-2 copy

Need I really say more about this suit? It’s classy. It has an air of opulence. It’s subtly flamboyant (Go figure). It’s velvet! Nothing screams understated glamour more than velvet, if you ask me. The dress, on the other hand, is in a simple yet elegant silhouette that I think goes well with the sophisticated flair of the velvet tux. I am loving the red ruched accent of this dress, the boldness makes accessorizing almost uncalled for. Hence, I opted for simple gold earrings, an anchor pendant, and nude pumps.

headless copy

Moreover, the smoothness of the jersey contrasts the more textured velvet beautifully.  I like the contrast between the structured suit and the flowing gown too. Despite being practically antithetical to each other, I think the outfits are still complementary-owing to their color and the elegance they both exude. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this combo.

By the way, The Black Tux is this dapper online suit and tuxedo rental company that offers a wide array of ultra-chic men’s formal wear. I’m guessing most of you who are reading this are women. So, let’s just say this post is dedicated to the men in our lives; may it be our dads, boyfriends, or husbands.  In the event those special guys need a tux rental, just head on over to The Black Tux. Whatever, the occasion may it be-a star-studded red carpet, a fancy dinner, or a solemn wedding, The Black Tux has got you covered.

Talk about chic.

Their website is very user-friendly too. On top of that, they guarantee fit and ship for free. It’s super convenient and you’ll really get your money’s worth. You know me, I’m a sucker for getting my money’s worth. It’s what Miss Thrift is all about after all.

By the way, you can shop this tux here: https://theblacktux.com/collection/tuxedos/velvet-jacket-tuxedo

tux (4)

Hopefully this post has been helpful. Let’s call it a day for now, but don’t forget to tune in for part 2.

Miss Thrift, managed!

Skirting the Issue IV: To the Outskirts!

Can you believe that I shot these photos almost a year ago? Again, I apologize for the horrible backlog. Anyhow, like the blog itself, I started this series to challenge conventions and myself. I came up with the thought one day, when I opened my cabinet to find that all my jeans and shorts have yet to be washed (my bad). What am I gonna wear with my shirt? The only skirt I own are pencil skirts. Pencil skirts are for official business, not for willy-nillying around. Or so they say.  Seeing as I had no choice anyway, I played mix and match with my shirts and pencil skirt.DSC_0428 (3)Much to my delight, this combo actually worked! Pencil skirts are actually versatile, and with the right fit they can be very comfortable. Yep, comfortable enough to go adventuring about.  I wore this outfit on a mini-road trip. I went to visit this cold spring in Lapu-Lapu City, called Pawud. The place is  bit remote and the spring is only known to the locals. To get to the spring, you have to go down a little subterranean cave.You heard me right! I went down there wearing a skirt, and I did not have trouble. I’m not saying wear a pencil skirt and go inside a cave, I’m just saying you can actually try it. Live a little! Haha, did I make sense there?DSC_0530 (4).JPG

Before I side-track again, let’s just get to the outfit, shall we? The only thing not thrifted in this get-up are my shoes. They’re from Fila however. So, I’d consider them quasi-thrifted, seeing as Fila always seems to be on sale and they’re comparatively cheaper (though just as sturdy). In fact, all my rubber shoes are from Fila. They have a wide array of designs, and like I said, they’re sturdy yet doesn’t burn a hole through your pockets. I especially love the one I’m wearing above because of the black ombre. It goes perfectly with the black pencil skirt and the navy blue crop-top.

DSC_0420 (6)Speaking of the crop-top. This laced beauty only cost PHP 50. Talk about thrifty, huh? Nothing delights me more than a cheap, yet stylish thrifted-find that fits me flawlessly. I also love how the lace neutralizes the severity of the black pencil skirt. It’s just a little detail, but it makes all the difference. It made the look playful and totally less formal.

DSC_0270 (4)Can I also add, that they were not damaged at all? Wouldn’t we, thrifty-shoppers, just love it if every item in a thrift-store was undamaged? In a perfect world mayhaps, but we do not live in such utopia. HAHAHA, okay, enough with the melodrama. What fun would thrift-shopping be if it was that easy, right? Like I always says, it takes perseverance to thrift-shop! Anyway, I believe that’s all I got for you today, guys.

Miss Thrift, managed!